Social Fixer App for Facebook Update August 26, 2019

I first mentioned Social Fixer for Facebook in February 2019 – Social Fixer App for Facebook. It comes in handy if you are like me and prefer Most Recent Stories to be the default instead of Facebook’s Top Stories which is the default. The add-on is available at

It works for Firefox, Chrome, Safari (will no longer work after 12.1), Opera, MS Edge (via TamperMonkey – see below), and as User Script if you use a userscript manager*.

*If you are running a browser with a userscript manager (Tampermonkey, Violentmonkey, or Greasemonkey), you can choose to install the User Script instead. It works identically to the browser-specific extensions. Greasemonkey version 4 is not supported; version 3 may work with old browsers.

It is a challenge for the add-on to keep updated as Facebook and ad companies do things to make it difficult to keep up. It doesn’t help when web browsers make changes that can also disable Social Fixer.

There is a Facebook closed group,, where you can find support and see some good user settings that will make you less likely to wind up in Facebook jail: Facebook Jail.

You can see Social Fixer at and a list of things you can do or block. There are some limitations due to Facebook‘s restrictions placed on app developers. Note: some things Facebook breaks, intentionally or unintentionally, as they make changes to Facebook.

I get tired of having to switch from Top Stories, which generally aren’t Top Stories, to Most Recent. I am glad Social Fixer offers the opportunity to have Facebook revert to Most Recent.


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