Borroum’s Drug Store/Museum and Slugburger Festival, Corinth – Mississippi Mondays August 26, 2019

I used Mississippi Encyclopedia to search for a Mississippi Mondays post this week – Borroum’s Drug Store/Museum and Slugburger Festival, Corinth – Mississippi Mondays August 26, 2019: and I will also include links for the Slugburger Festival in Corinth. I wasn’t familiar with Mississippi Encyclopedia – until a general search for an earlier Mississippi Mondays post, Grand Village of the Natchez Indians – Mississippi Mondays August 12, 2019, included a link to the website.

I don’t know how much I will find on the drugstore – may find more on the Slugburger Festival (NOTE: no slugs are harmed in the making of slugburgers), but the drug store has stayed in the founder’s family since he opened it in 1865. The current owner is

The store has remained in the hands of family members and is presently owned and operated by the founder’s great-granddaughter, Camille Borroum Mitchell, one of the first two female students to obtain pharmacy degrees from the University of Mississippi. Early in her involvement with the store, Mitchell recognized the importance of making it a tourist destination as well as a drugstore and added a museum that included old medicine bottles, antique fixtures, photographs of the early days of Corinth, family relics from the Civil War, and an arrowhead collection compiled by her father, James Lannes Borroum.


I thought Camille’s decision to make it a tourist designation and adding a museum was a smart business move. They sell “slugburgers” and are part of the city’s annual Slugburger Festival. She has some interviews on YouTube about the drug store.

Official Website: No official site that I could find; (Wayback Machine based on the company’s Facebook page URL for the website)

Slugburger Festival: (redirects from the below link if I only type in the part)

Hours (stays open later during Slugburger Festival – call ahead to verify):

Monday 9 AM – 5 PM
Tuesday 9 AM – 5 PM
Wednesday 9 AM – 5 PM
Thursday 9 AM – 5 PM
Friday 9 AM – 5 PM
Saturday 9 AM – 3 PM
Sunday Closed


604 East Waldron Street
Corinth, Mississippi (not updated recently);

Abandoned Playgrounds: No listing located

The Abandoned South: No listing located

Asylum Projects: No listing located

Atlas Obscura No listing located –

 Gastro Obscura: (no mention of the drug store)

Facebook page:


Foursquare:,%20MS (nothing on the Slugburger Festival)

Google Maps: Google Maps Drug StoreMississippi (Street View available; it’s on Waldron Street) No listing located

Historical Marker Database (HMDB): (no listing for either Borroum’s or Slugburger Festival)



Mississippi Encyclopedia: (same as link above) (same as link above)

Mississippi Hills: No listing located

Mississippi Land Conservation Assistance Network: No listing located

The Mississippi Link:

Mississippi Magazine:

Mississippi Museums: No listing located

Mississippi Obscura:

Mississippi Today: No listing located

Mississippi Delta Top 40: No listing located

Miss Preservation: No listing located

Mysterious Universe: No listing located

Only In Your State: (#3) numerous listings for both Slugburger Festival and Borroum’s Drug Store


Roads and Kingdoms: No listing located

Roadside America:

Road Trippers: (No listing located)

Save My Place MS: No listing located

Silly America: (No Mississippi locations at all)

Southern Food and Beverage:

Southern Spaces: No listing located

This Is My South: No listing located

Today in Mississippi: No listing located

Traveling Mom: No listing located

Trip Advisor:

TripHobo: No listing located

Tripshock: No listing located


Twitch channel or search: No listing located


Vacations Made Easy: No listing located

 Vimeo channel or search:

Visit the Delta: No listing located

Visit Natchez: No listing located

Waymarking: No listing located

Wikipedia:,_Mississippi (photo about 1/2 way down the link of the drug store) not mentioned directly, but they sell Slugburgers and are involved in the Festival.

Not mentioned

WLOX: No listing located


YouTube channel or search: (around 24:54 minute interview with Camille about the history of the drug store)

Past Mississippi Mondays posts


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