Why Star Trek Paywall Series Need to Fail – August 24, 2019

I made the point a while back on why paywall series need to fail, Why STD (Star Trek Discovery) Needs To Fail January 20, 2018. It’s sad that not many bloggers or vloggers took up the cause. The point I made

Next, they stick it behind a paywall. This is more than reason enough for STD to fail. Does anybody really believe that if STD succeeds, the networks won’t suddenly start putting more and more series behind paywalls? They will if STD does well enough. Before too long, you will find popular shows going behind paywall only access.

I have seen a few bloggers complain about how Star Trek Picard (STP) is going behind a paywall, but what did they expect when STD was as successful as it was? I do not hate STD or STP. No doubt some will try to paint me with the hater brush. I think CBS putting both series behind paywalls = bad idea. As it is now, between Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, paid YouTube, CBS, and other paywalls, it’s only a matter of time before more of network TV goes behind paywalls. Saw one comment on another blog where the person was bragging they only spent $50 – 75 for the various paid sites mentioned above compared to paying twice that much when they had cable. This is a 2017 article, but makes a good point – In paywall age, free content remains king for newspaper sites – CJR. I hope those networks and series that don’t go behind paywalls may be the tipping point that shows why paywalls are not the way to go.

The next big question is will CBS make some of the same foolish mistakes that Disney made with Star Wars? Disney made the unwise decision to listen to people who weren’t fans of Star Wars, and based on the comments I read had never watched Star Wars movies. A friend who is a diehard Disney and Star Wars fanboy only saw the last Star Wars movie once and waited until it was out long enough that Disney wasn’t getting the lion’s share of his ticket price. In comparison, for every earlier Star Wars movie prior to Disney taking over the franchise, he saw the first six original movies 7 – 15 times at the theater as soon as they came out, and at night after the ticket prices were much higher. He even liked the prequels. Starting with the first Disney Star Wars movie, he saw it on four times as he wasn’t happy with what Disney did. With each succeeding sequel and prequel, he watched most of them four times or less with him only watching the latest Star Wars once.

If he was aware of a key change that Disney did a decent job of not highlighting, he would never watch another Star Wars or Disney movie. With the first Disney Star Wars movie, I read the spoilers before seeing the movie. I didn’t tell him because he hates spoilers. He made a comment before seeing and I had to bite my tongue as he unintentionally hit the nail on the movie on where they were going.

Back to STP, choosing to name it after Picard sounds like a good plan in theory, but given Patrick Stewart’s age, 79, the question remains how long he will be able to continue as the lead in a series named after him is questionable. While they added some young blood as regular cast members, some of the recurring cast members from the earlier series are old enough, they may not be able to continue on the show. For the new cast, unless the script writers do a great job of making Star Trek fans like them, it may go poorly.

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