Bluebird of Bitterness – Featured Blogger of the Week August 23, 2019

For this week’s Featured Blogger of the Week, I went with Bluebird of Bitterness – Her blog has various levels of humor and probably should be considered Not Suitable For Work (NSFW). It tends to have some innuendo so it may not be suitable for some age groups.

From her Comments Policy:

comment policy

1. Polite comments are welcome. Comments that are mean, vulgar, insulting, or rude are not.

2. Do not insult other commenters. Play nice.

3. This is a humor blog. If you are easily offended, this is probably not the place for you.

4. This is not a political blog. Do not try to turn it into one.

5. I do not vouch for the accuracy of anything I post, so don’t waste your time fact-checking me.

6. If you are a first-time commenter, your comment will go into moderation and may take a while to show up. If your first comment is approved, subsequent comments will generally be published without going through all that rigamarole; however, they will be deleted if they violate my guidelines.

7. If you don’t have a gravatar (globally recognized avatar), your comments run the risk of getting caught in the spam filter. If you want to increase the odds that your comment will not be misclassified as spam, get a gravatar. It’s fast, easy, and free. Just go to and click the button that says “Create Your Own Gravatar.”

From her About page:

about b.o.b.

When I first started visiting and commenting on other people’s blogs many years ago, I needed a gravatar and a screen name. Although I settled rather quickly on the grumpy bluebird for my gravatar, I went through a couple of different screen names before settling on one that actually suited my profile picture — the bluebird of bitterness.

When in a moment of temporary insanity I decided to start my own blog, it only made sense that I would name it after my gravatar, and so the bluebird of bitterness blog was hatched.

One more thing: although I identify as a male bluebird online, in real life I identify as a female human. I was gender and species fluid before it was cool.

One thing I like about her blog is the humor. It can range from puns, irony, to the less obvious humorous things. It was her Weirdness Wednesdays posts that led me to start my own Weirdness Wednesdays.

I have re-blogged some of her posts – 

Weirdness Wednesdays January 16, 2019 – B. O. B. – Snow Removal for Lazy People

Past Featured Bloggers of the Week:

Past Weirdness Wednesdays Posts:

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