Backyard Pirate Ship, Overbrook – Kansas Tuesdays August 20, 2019

I checked out Roadside America’s Gone But Not Forgotten for Kansas TuesdaysDV Hangman Pirate Ship, Overbrook, Kansas Reported as no longer there in 2015. Not finding a lot on the former attraction. If any has more information, please let me know.

Website: No official website

360 Wichita: No listing located

Abandoned Playgrounds: No listing located

Atlas Obscura: No listing located

Big Kansas Road Trip: No listing located –

Facebook (website, search, or blog page):

Flickr: No listing located

Foursquare: No listing located

Four States Homepage: No listing located

Get Rural Kansas: No listing located

 Google Maps: Overbrook, Kansas (Street View available, but don’t see it)

Inspirock: No listing located

Instagram: No listing located

Kansas Historical Society: No listing located

KS Hometown Locator: No listing located

Kansas Living Magazine: No listing located

Kansas Transportation: No listing located

Kansas No listing located

Legends of America: No listing located

Legends of Kansas: No listing located

Only In Your State: No listing located


Roadside America:

Road Trippers: no listing located

Silly America: no listing located, but very few Kansas listings to begin with

Southeast Kansas Living: No listing located

Travel Kansas: No listing located

Trip Advisor: No listing located

Tumblr: no listing located

Twitch channel or search: No listing located

Twitter: No listing located

Vimeo channel or search: No listing located

Western Vista Historic Byways: No listing located

Wikipedia: not mentioned on

Yelp: No listing located

YouTube: (search) – not much

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5 Responses to Backyard Pirate Ship, Overbrook – Kansas Tuesdays August 20, 2019

  1. GP Cox says:

    I’ve seen plans for the pirate ship playhouse, maybe we should build another one.

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    • Sounds good to me. I saw some photos of this one, but Google Maps Aerial View no longer shows it. Didn’t see much on YouTube videos, but did see a little bit on the one YouTube video.

      I expected to find more than I did. With some of my posts, I don’t expect to find a lot. Sometimes I get pleasantly surprised and find a bunch of sites or information.

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      • GP Cox says:

        It all depends on the wording sometimes. Change one word in your search you and you can get a different set of websites suggested.

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      • Not only that, but sometimes time of day or a different day can make a difference as well.

        I have another pirate item coming up in a bit over 5 hours. It’s a “pirate” tower in Laguna (or Victoria) Beach, California. Found a lot more on it than I thought I would. The research can be fun as I learn things that may not be apparent on the surface. Or, something turns out to be more myth than fact.

        When I lived in south Mississippi, one of the casinos had a pirate ship as part of the casino. It was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina. They rebuilt the casino, but not the pirate ship.

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