On The Rocks Kickstarter Campaign Cancelled

I am not sure why they waited so late to cancel the On The Rocks – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pentreegames/on-the-rocks-3/ campaign. It was schedule to end August 22, 2019. The campaign may or may not have reached its goal. They will be re-starting the campaign on October 1, 2019 and are looking to reduce costs where possible.

There are several times a year when you shouldn’t launch a crowdfunding campaign. When it comes to gaming related stuff, anywhere near one of the handful of major gaming conventions is a bad idea. For other campaigns, it depends on similar  That’s not to say you won’t reach your goals as several campaigns have done well during those events. Having your products ship during a bad time of the year (pretty much anytime close to Thanksgiving and end of the year in the United States) is not the best shipping time. An alternative used by some gaming campaigns is to make the items available for pick-up at a major gaming convention. Several campaigns did this during GenCon (August 1 – 4, 2019). Other campaigns warned delays because of GenCon. They were supposed to get their shipments before GenCon, but delays meant the shipments arrived either during GenCon or after GenCon.

While parts of Kicktraq are still down, the link to this cancelled project is working – http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/pentreegames/on-the-rocks-3/.

My suggestion is before they redo the campaign is they check out Jamey’s Kickstarter Lessons if they haven’t already checked them out – Stonemaier Games Kickstarter Lessons. They are free. I would recommend anybody considering a crowdfunding campaign to check them out regardless of where you are planning on doing the crowdfunding campaign. I sent them this suggestion when I signed up to be notified when the campaign re-launches.

Here are the lessons: https://stonemaiergames.com/kickstarter/lessons/. I am adding a second link with more information and tips: https://stonemaiergames.com/kickstarter/

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