USS Grunion SS-216 – Tombstone Tuesdays August 13, 2019

I went with an unusual choice for this week’s Tombstone TuesdaysUSS Grunion (SS-216). In has been in the news recently and there are some YouTube videos – In general, shipwrecks where people went down with the ship, boat, or sub are regarded as memorials or cemeteries and not to be violated, other than documenting the find. There are rare exceptions as some items have been retrieved from the Titanic. It’s also deep enough that most people can’t afford the cost to visit it.

In an earlier post, How Chocolate Helped To Win The War — Pacific Paratrooper, original post –, I noticed the following news update:

The Lost 52 Project has located the ‘late and presumed lost’ US submarine, USS Grunion off the Aleutian Islands.  She sunk with 70 crewmen on board during WWII.

Here’s a group dedicated to finding the locations of all missing U. S. World War II subs – This year’s expeditions,

Expedition 2019 is planned for coastal Japan and will focus on four submarines and one Fletcher Class Destroyer.

As we deploy in this effort we are always cognizant of other Lost WWII ships that may be in the vicinity of our search areas.  

I posed the state memorials for those U. S. World War II submarines still on eternal patrol World War II Submarine Memorials by State. Ohio adopted this sub, but has not ever built a memorial for it.

The submarine was found around 12 years ago by three sons of the sub’s commander who had learned of a possible location – They hired a company to conduct a search – In the reports and articles I read last year, I didn’t see mention of the bow being missing. It was found late last year (2018) about 0.25 miles (0.4 kilometers) away. They had a website, but it’s no longer around under the link I found, but it’s on the Wayback Machine:*/ A good article from the link:

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5 Responses to USS Grunion SS-216 – Tombstone Tuesdays August 13, 2019

  1. GP Cox says:

    Thank you for sharing all this news!!

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  2. SLIMJIM says:

    Interesting find and wow, can’t even imagine dying in a sub…


    • Depending on how deep when it happens to how quick you would go. In this case, surviving would have required a miracle based on where it happened.

      Wichita has one of the 52 Lost World War II sub memorials, SS Dorado, which has never been found. I am hopeful that one day, one of the research vessels will come across it. It’s not in an area that gets much attention.

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