Strange Things About My Favorite Internet Cafe Wi-Fi Access – August 8, 2019

I do the majority of my blog posts, including those I schedule, from my favorite Internet Cafe. Technically, it’s not an Internet Cafe, but a restaurant with free Wi-Fi access for customers. They don’t mind me being as much as I am, as having a customer in the place makes it less likely to get robbed. In the times I have been in the restaurant, it was only robbed twice, and there were other customers here as well. The last time has been a while back. In the past, they used a different Wi-Fi provider with less restrictions on sites I could visit. Granted, they had the standard you agree not to do things disclaimer that most places with free Wi-Fi have in place. They changed to a different Wi-Fi provider a few years ago, and I will get back to the new provider in a minute. There was a local eatery next door that has moved out as it was a specialty eatery, but before they did, the owner of the eatery let me use his free Wi-Fi after the restaurant switched providers and he used the same company as the restaurant originally used.

With the new Wi-Fi provider, things were slightly different as in worse initially. They would later get somewhat better. For example, my ability to use the Internet was a lot more limited. I had to be creative without violating the restrictions they listed. That was not a problem. After the eatery moved out, I went back to using the restaurant’s Wi-Fi. It appeared either they relaxed some of the restrictions or I was staying within the limits better. I noticed if I tried to download a decent sized file (50 MB+), it would block me from accessing the Internet for a while. So, I download the larger files at my friends’ house or at the society where I volunteer. If it’s too much above 50 MB, I use the Wi-Fi at my friends as they don’t have an issue with bandwidth. At the society, it tends to time out and not download.

There are some blocked sites at the restaurant although the blocking is weird and has sometimes appears to have no rhyme or reason why one site is blocked and another site isn’t blocked. The obvious one is adult sites, although they often consider dating sites like POF to be adult, found that accidentally when  I tried to go to POF using Wi-Fi. They also block many gaming sites, like DriveThru RPG (DTRPG), but not all gaming sites are blocked. When it comes to blogs, some gaming blogs are blocked, like No Rerolls – (had to find an old post with the link to copy from), but other gaming blogs are not blocked – can’t find a quick example, but a few gaming blogs haven’t been blocked when I went to them. Gaming related companies are usually blocked, but some gaming related companies are not. Bundle of Holding – is blocked, but – and Humble Bundle – are not.

When it comes to crowdfunding, I haven’t run across a gaming or gaming related site Kickstarter campaign that is blocked. Patreon gaming creators are not blocked either. I haven’t tried the other sites like GoFundMe or Indiegogo to see if gaming campaigns are blocked.

When it comes to blocked sites, one of two things happen. I get a notice the site was blocked and what category was the reason for the blocking. The other time I simply get a time-out no matter how many times I try and load a site.

YouTube is hit or miss and it doesn’t appear to matter if it’s a gaming YouTube channel/video or not. During the day, I may get in or I may get blocked and access changes throughout the day. For YouTube videos, I don’t watch them at the restaurant unless I am using my cell phone’s data. When I go to YouTube, it’s for one of the theme posts or for my vlog of the day post. In those cases, I immediately freeze the video and copy/paste the title, URL, and approximate run time of the video. For some I do open the transcript after freezing the video to see if it has profanity, but given YouTube’s transcripts, that’s not a guarantee., Vimeo, and some other video sharing sites are blocked.

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3 Responses to Strange Things About My Favorite Internet Cafe Wi-Fi Access – August 8, 2019

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Does most of your internet still is based upon internet cafes/eatery?


    • Yes. I am here now although I will be leaving shortly. In terms of places I access Internet – 1) a friend who has cable Internet – I dogsat there recently, but rarely go over there as they are too far away; 2) a friend who is not that far from the cafe, they have satellite Internet; 3) a local hist/gen society I volunteer at a few days a week – it’s hit or miss; 4) Internet cafe, but the limits on what I can do make it a challenge, I often do things elsewhere; 5) home which is my cell phone. I am hoping in a couple of years to get home Internet back, but it’s not in my budget right now. Unlike some people who can churn out long posts on their phone, I struggle to get much done on my phone for my blog. I sometimes type up posts on my laptop to upload later.


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