Announcing July’s Leaderboard Contest Winners! BillionGraves August 3, 2019

I saw this earlier today on BillionGraves – Announcing July’s Leaderboard Contest Winners! BillionGraves August 3, 2019:

Boom-ba-da-boom! Drumroll, please! Announcing BillionGraves July’s Leaderboard Contest winners!

Congratulations to the top 15 uploaders and the top 15 transcribers during the month of July. And congrats to 20 more random winners as well!

Each of you has won your choice of a terrific best-selling Nalgene 32-ounce water bottle OR a $10 Amazon gift card.


July’s Leaderboard Contest Winners for the Top 15 Uploaders

User Name Photos Uploaded

JankaBart 11035
lindsay 10264
Billy 10185
kj 7164
Otafuko 6993
oils 6251
Rami Tanska 6250
MuscleToneTrio 5351
Auli Karppinen 4545
Maples 4531
mccarty_family 4093
cynbri6 3927
BValaski 3814
cjpowney 3673
THansen3 3261


July’s Leaderboard Contest Winners for the Top 15 Transcribers

User Name Transcriptions

JoMore 17394
Lelio73 16829
k_lassman 15187
Auli Karppinen 13855
Lydia Uribe 8601
Alba 8576
ladynwht 7977
tamj1153 7477
Adam Małecki 6200
mendelzon leonid 6129
GorAM 6082
lesleypacker 5460
PatM 5163
tuckersmom 4942
Kris M. 4918

Plus 20 More Randomly Selected Winners

User Name Uploads/Transcriptions

whitem 2135
Kevin 2377
RestoreSoquelCem 2446
GraveHunter 2200
AleMae 1831
LySa DeSoto 3223
sjwilk2001 3112
Kris M. 1516
michelecoronetti 2661
Rick Foster 1718
korbip 3678
historybev 4844
cjpowney 4524
William Herron 2591
noica 2658
baldeagle137 2727
LadyG8r924 3011
AleMae 2605
HistoryHen 2855
Kym Elizabeth 2586

To review the July Leaderboard contest and rules click HERE.

Congratulations once again and many thanks for all your hard work!

Cathy Wallace and The BillionGraves Team

P.S. Now let’s go document some more gravestones!! August’s Contest has been posted!


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