School Bus Nuclear Fallout Shelter Buried in Canada July 29, 2019

I saw this nuclear fallout shelter made of school buses in Canada long before I noticed this week’s Mississippi Mondays Abandoned School Bus Storm Shelter Buried in the Ground of Carroll County. There are several similar school bus tornado or fallout shelters in other places. This is one of the more elaborate fallout shelters as it uses 42 school buses and has 10,000 square feet of space!

The biggest problem with this fallout shelter is the location is known.If you plan on having a nuclear fallout shelter, a zombie apocalypse shelter, etc., then you don’t want the location known. The only advantage is it’s far enough away that you would have to live close to it if anything major happened.

The below applies even more to something along the lines of having more than a single school bus –

Word of caution: it’s not as simple as buying a used school bus and burying it. You need to be prepared to understand what it takes to make this work. You will need someone knowledgeable about what it takes to safely bury and encase a school bus underground. This is a CNN video on one in Alabama – (about 1:47 minutes long).

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