Taking Exception with a Quote Attributed to Oscar Wilde – Forgiveness Sundays July 28, 2019

According to several sites, including https://www.azquotes.com/quote/314502, Oscar Wilde is attributed with this quote:

Always forgive your enemies – nothing annoys them so much.

I don’t know if he said it, but there are plenty of people I have met over the years who have this attitude. It’s a bad attitude to have. If part, or all, of your reason forgiving someone involves this attitude, then you haven’t truly forgiven them. All it is doing is hurting you.

I belong to a group on Facebook that includes separated, divorced, and married people. Many of the people who have been wronged encourage others who have been wronged to get revenge on the person who wronged them. I am one of the few who makes the point that it’s unhealthy to do so. I have been in a couple of relationships where a woman cheated on me. It’s pretty easy to want to get revenge, but history has repeatedly shown that revenge is a bad road to travel.

I have seen people forgive some very serious wrongs done to them. I have also seen people who won’t forgive minor, petty things done to them. Growing up, I was bullied on a regular and consistent basis. I don’t remember the names of most of the bullies. I hold them no ill will and hope they have straightened their lives out. Being a bully is a lonely life from what I have seen of those bullies I have dealt with. They may have a group of followers, but those tend to melt away as time passes or if the bully becomes a target of a more powerful bully.


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