My Ultimate Paid WordPress Goal July 22, 2019

This post was inspired by an earlier post that I noticed recently – Trying to cover my WordPress Premium cost with WordAds. — susiesopinions.

I plan on going with a paid plan at some point – most likely starting with the Premium plan initially as that’s least out of pocket for site monetization options, but will look at Ko-fi, Buymeacoffee, PayPal and Donate buttons, affiliate links (clearly marked as such), and Patreon as ways to generate income to cover costs as I am not a fan of ads, plus ad revenue can vary widely.

My goal is to make my blog ad-free as too many potential readers are anti-ad. I don’t care for ads, but that’s not going to stop me from reading or following a blogger who has ads. My ultimate goal would be to go with the eCommerce version, but that’s $45/month, billed annually and adding one or more of the various places like Teespring, Cafepress, or Etsy down the road. I would probably create separate pages for the other items.

I considered some of the WordPress third party vendors, partial list below –

HostGator –
GoDaddy Hosting –
BlueHost –

Each of the various third party vendors have their advantages and disadvantages. Most offer a fairly cheap introductory rate, but once your initial rate ends, then the annual costs tend to be a lot higher.

It would be rough, but I could swing the $8/month Premium plan on WordPress for the first year. In about four (4) years, my income should improve as my pension hits a milestone that will offer a semi-decent monthly boost.

I ruled out the cheaper WordPress options, Blogger ($3/month, billed annually) and Personal ($5/month, billed annually) as those don’t allow site monetization.

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Originally from Gulfport, Mississippi. Live in Wichita, Kansas now. I suffer Bipolar I, ultra-ultra rapid cycling, mixed episodes. Blog on a variety of topics - genealogy, DNA, mental health, among others. Let's
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