World’s Largest Replica of World’s Largest Lighthouse, East Lake – North Carolina Thursdays July 18, 2019

In looking for last week’s North Carolina ThursdaysElizabeth City State University, Elizabeth City- North Carolina Thursdays July 11, 2019, I came across this week’s choice – World’s Largest Replica of World’s Largest Lighthouse, Elizabeth City- North Carolina Thursdays July 18, 2019: I believe my paternal grandparents were born in East Lake, North Carolina. At the minimum, they lived in East Lake for many years before moving to other parts of North Carolina and later Virginia. I will also be doing searches for Alligator River Marina as that is where it’s located. This took much longer than I thought it would as I was having to search East Lake and Columbia as well as Alligator River Marina.

Official website: none near as I can tell – if anyone knows of one, please let me know

Official Dare County, North Carolina Website:

Atlas Obscura: No listing located

Facebook: (not seeing a lot for the replica lighthouse) (where the lighthouse replica is located)

 Flickr: No listing located

Google Maps: East Lake (town on east side of lake; lighthouse replica on west side)

Lighthouse Replica Location (visible on Street View)

Historical Marker DataBase: No listing located

Inspirock:  No listing located, but closest I could get:

Instagram: (some photos of the lighthouse)

Linkedin: No listing located

Only In Your State: No listing located


Roadside America: (same link as above)

RoadTrippers: No listing located

Silly America: No listing located

Snapchat: No listing located

Trip Advisor: No listing located

Tumblr: No listing located

Twitch channel or search: No listing located  –


Vimeo channel or search: No listing located


Wikipedia: No listing located


YouTube: No listing located

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Post link:

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