Unreal Mobile / FreedomPop Update for Those Using Sprint CDMA Phones July 16, 2019

I received this notice from FreedomPop, former parent company of Unreal Mobile:

FreedomPop and UNREAL Mobile has made the decision to no longer offer service on the Sprint network.

All customers that use a Sprint (CDMA) device on FreedomPop or UNREAL Mobile will be moved to Ting Mobile, an industry-leading service provider on the Sprint Network.

You’ll receive identical coverage on Ting, and you can keep your phone and your number. Ting has a compelling exclusive offer for FreedomPop and UNREAL Mobile customers:

Option 1: $6 unlimited talk and text + $4/GB
Option 2: $20 unlimited talk and text + 20GB data + first month free

Why Ting Mobile? We worked hard to find a good home for FreedomPop and UNREAL Mobile customers that use a Sprint network phone. They’re committed to treating people fairly and to excellent customer service. They were willing to work with us to create an offer just for FreedomPop and UNREAL Mobile Sprint network customers that we hope you’ll agree is pretty amazing.

The problem I have with this migration is the price of the phones on Ting are high enough that I would need to spend more than it’s worth to complete the migration. I wish Red Pocket, the new parent company of FreedomPop and Unreal Mobile had given me a choice to switch to a non-CDMA phone instead of making the choice for me.

Looks like I may need to do an updated review of Ting to see how it compares to Tello and Twigby.

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6 Responses to Unreal Mobile / FreedomPop Update for Those Using Sprint CDMA Phones July 16, 2019

  1. Mitch At Ting says:

    Full disclosure, I work for Ting and stumbled across your blog while trying to take the temperature of the FreedomPop acquisition.

    I get the struggle surrounding needing free service. And you’re free to port out to any other service provider once you’ve claimed your numbers, even without signing up for Ting service. I think the issue is going to be finding a viable free (or nearly free) solution that works with Sprint phones. FreeUP is supposed to have some offers, but their free tier is JUST talk/text, no data. Their minimum plan with data is $10/month, which only includes 200MB. At that point our $6 + $4 makes more sense for the full gig.

    If you do have questions, feel free to reach out to me.


    • I appreciate the disclosure. In return disclosure, I had several RingPlus phones that were ported to Ting when RingPlus decided to stop offering phone service a while back. The limited billing cycle credit by Ting of my fairly large balances with RingPlus, plus having to pay $6/line turned me off of doing business with Ting.

      If I can port out my Unreal Mobile number from Ting without having to pay for service to activate with Ting, that’s my preference. I was in the middle of inititating a port-out when I got the e-mail from FreedomPop about being ported to Ting. Which means I have to restart the process again.

      Actually, Tello and Twigby (both include Sprint CDMA options) offer better deals including unlimited talk and text. Right now, I am paying $9.60 (total including fees) to Tello as I upgraded my Tello PAYGO to unlimited talk and text with 500 MB LTE and unlimited 2G once the LTE runs out. It would cost me a bit more for Twigby (around $19.00 plus fees, taxes, etc. which would include 1 GB LTE).

      I made a point to Unreal Mobile that their refurbished phone died last month and I needed a replacement one. They wouldn’t sell me one, probably because of the deal to port to Ting. That’s when I decided to not cancel my auto-pay with Unreal Mobile and upgrade my Tello from PAYGO to a plan.


    • Mitch, I do have a follow-up question. A friend has two Unreal Mobile phones that were ported over to Ting. He thinks he’s only to get charged $6/billing cycle. According to the way I read the rate chart, he is going to get charged for any talk and text he and his wife uses. They don’t normally use data as they have good Wi-Fi most places. He doesn’t use much talk or text, but his wife is glued to her phone and I expect her usage will result in a high bill.


      • Mitch At Ting says:

        FP CDMA and Unreal Mobile customers who take us up on the offers we’ve sent them will pay something different than what you see on ting.com/rates

        I believe your friend is correct, because one of the options not offered to the general public at this stage of the game is $6 for unlimited talk and text. If they use no data, we will not charge them for data.

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      • That’s great. It’s a deal changer if I can find a Sprint CDMA phone in my stockpile or cheap enough elsewhere.


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