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A quick update and thank you to those who visited my pre-scheduled posts over the last five days. And thank you, each of you, for excusing me (notice how I assume you do?) for not visiting your blogs during that time. I promise to visit you soon and appreciate the heck out of you! Why […]

via The Audience Roared! — Mitch Teemley.

I don’t know if Notzilla will be coming to town, but if it does, it will be on my Watch list.

Don’t read this link if you don’t want spoilers:

From the above link (not a spoiler) – actually a separate link on the Wayback Machine which may include spoilers, but thought this was relevant

Actually I offered the project to Toho not long after I wrote it. They weren’t interested in spoofing their own films, but wished us well. Parodies are not plagiarism; if they were, Saturday Night Live would have been shut down 35 years ago! Notzilla will not feature any footage from Toho films, nor will the monster be a visual copy of Godzilla (see conceptual art below — note: Notzilla concept art: Poster and Monster Profile – these were done by a cartoonist – the actual poster will be photographic, not cartoon, in style, and the actual monster suit will be more realistic and dinosaur-like, i.e. satirical, but subtle.)

Trivia Question: Kaiju

I wasn’t aware of the term “kaiju” for a long time. For a simple explanation that is open to some debate among kaiju fans, we can go with Wikipedia

Kaiju is a Japanese word meaning “strange creature”. In English, it has come to mean “monster” or “giant monster”, referring to creatures of a large size seen in movies from Asia. Many kaiju movies are made in Japan. It is a type of tokusatsu entertainment. … The most well-known kaiju is Godzilla.

In some cases, I see it translated as “strange beast” and in other places as “monster.” Some purists would argue it only applies to Japanese movies of a certain genre; I tend to take the broader view that it includes a lot of other beasts/animals/monsters, like King Kong and other giant beasts. Had I titled this blog post “Godzilla,” then thrown in kaiju, some would have gotten the reference.

Other uses of Tag: Kaiju


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