How Often Should Bloggers Post? July 10, 2019

There’s a wide range of opinion on how often, or infrequently, bloggers should post. There is  disparity on how often is too much or too little posting. My answer is you should post as often as your schedule allows as long as it’s pretty consistent. One of the biggest problems I have with some bloggers, including some big names in the business is the feast or famine syndrome. They post in a shotgun approach; instead of scheduling most posts, they post a bunch in a row, usually on the same day. In one case, he only normally posts 3 days a week maximum – sometimes much less, but he can easily post half a dozen to a dozen or more posts on the days he posts. It’s one thing to make a unscheduled post occasionally, but when that’s all you do it’s a pain to keep up. In his case, he doesn’t even schedule them so it’s a shotgun approach.

Of the bloggers I follow, posting ranges from once/month, sometimes only once a quarter to 30+ times/day. I have seen some bloggers recommend posting only once a week or once a day. Potential Followers will determine if you post too much or not enough on an individual basis. For most of those I follow who post 10+ times/day, I usually go with daily or weekly digests sent to my e-mail account. In rare cases, if WordPress won’t let me set it to daily or weekly, then I unfollow them and look at their blogs when I have spare time. I also scroll through the WordPress Reader on a regular basis.

In my case, I blog 8 – 10 times/day with a set daily schedule. The lack of stable home Internet makes it challenging as my cell phone is usually more trouble than it’s worth to get something posted from it. Most of my blogging takes place at a local restaurant, friends’ house, or at a local historical/genealogical society where I volunteer. On rare occasions, I brave fighting my cell phone to post from home. One alternative to posting from home is to create a number of posts at home using a word processing document on my laptop, then  copy/paste the documents when I have Wi-Fi access.

If you are only blogging once a month or once a quarter, you are going to be hard-pressed to get and keep Followers. It will be slightly easier to get and keep Followers if you if post once a week, but it’s hard to maintain interest when you post so infrequently. A blogger that I Follow has a day set aside for her weekly DNA posts. On rare occasions, she will post something DNA related outside of that day or postpone posting a DNA post if she thinks something more important needs to be posted that day. For other days, she posts fairly regularly as her schedule admits.

I noticed some bloggers had theme days and I adopted the practice using my own set of themes. Themes are great ways to give you topics to research in case you are stuck about what to post. I also have some themes that are not tied to specific days – museums and ship museums. For museums/ship museums, if they are in North Carolina, Kansas, or Mississippi, I post them on the appropriate theme day. For other states and countries, I post them as I come across them. Another advantage to doing searches on theme topics is you may find new bloggers to Follow. Or, you may find a blogger you were following has posted about one of your theme topics.

That doesn’t mean that everything I post on a given day falls in one or both themes, but I do my best to have at least one post/theme/day that is tagged with the theme. For example, on Mississippi Mondays, I will have one post labelled that way, and may include other posts that are tagged Mississippi on Mondays.

Here are my themes, some were inspired by other bloggers and others were ones I came up with on my own. Sometimes the themed posts are more serious in nature and other times, they are more light-hearted.

Forgiveness Sundays, Gaming Sundays, Mississippi Mondays, Kansas Tuesdays, Tombstone Tuesdays, Featured Vlogger of the Week (usually Wednesdays most weeks), Weirdness Wednesdays, North Carolina Thursdays,, FindMyPast Fridays, Featured Blogger of the Week – on Fridays, Space Saturdays; DNA Saturdays.


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Originally from Gulfport, Mississippi. Live in Wichita, Kansas now. I suffer Bipolar I, ultra-ultra rapid cycling, mixed episodes. Blog on a variety of topics - genealogy, DNA, mental health, among others. Let's
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6 Responses to How Often Should Bloggers Post? July 10, 2019

  1. I started out once a day, and then upped it to twice. Can’t possibly do more with nearly 3,000 followers.

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    • That’s why my suggestion is do what your schedule allows. I am mostly retired although I do odd jobs now and then for extra money as my pension isn’t fully vested for another 4 years if I read the fine print right. I can earn a fair amount of money and not have it affect my pension, but I rarely get anywhere close to that amount in a month. I am debating a temp job where I could earn more if I can get a waiver from my pension. They can be picky at times on approving the waivers,


      • We are older and live on our pensions from England. Just wrote a blog post about how the pound/dollar exchange is killing us.


      • I saw the post. Are there other options you can do? I am not familiar with what is/isn’t allowed for people who receive pensions from England. I am familiar with my federal pension as it has its own quirks. For example, I can’t work for the federal government in most jobs and keep my pension. There are weird exceptions to this law, but it’s often a case of learning the ins and outs of what I can and can’t do. Having worked for several federal agencies in different departments, I learned to look for the weird exceptions as I would often have citizens raising them which meant I had to check to see if the exception applied in their case.

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      • It’s the same amount of money in England, so we get taxed there. We can claim it on our tax return here, but now with so little money coming over, we never owe taxes here. So really paying taxes on money we don’t get anymore.


      • I was thinking more of ways to make money in the U. S. or online without losing your pension. In my case, my pension allows me to make a certain amount of money per year without risk of getting cut off. I almost never come that close to going over as although a few times when I was working for the county government, I came semi-close. Also, I can’t work for the federal government in most jobs unless an agency has a shortage of qualified personnel in which case I may be able to get a waiver. In four years, once I get fully vested, the income restriction will be lifted.


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