Pizzadoughnuts Vol. I – Kickstarter Campaign Ends August 6, 2019

Adding this to my I Haven’t Seen It All list – Pizzadoughnuts Vol. I:

It’s crowdfunding campaigns like this that make me go – Huh? It’s too early to tell if it will get funded ($105 out of $1,000 campaign goal). Here’s the Kicktraq for it – Again, too early to tell if Kicktraq‘s assessment of $214 trending is close to being near the mark. I will be monitoring the campaign as these kinds of campaigns can go either way – wildly successful or missing the mark by a wide margin.

Apparently, they are taking some of this concept to heart – although they didn’t add “Break Kickstarter” to the title.

From my research, they made one mistake from the beginning. They have backed no other campaigns. From Jamey’s book and website, Stonemaier Games Kickstarter Lessons, it’s best to back 10 – 20 campaigns before starting your own Kickstarter campaign. It’s not a guarantee that a campaign will fail by ignoring this suggestion as I have seen a few campaigns make the same mistake and get fully funded.

A few things they did right – humor although it may be too off the top, time will tell if it was; it’s tagged as a Project We Love by Kickstarter. That’s often a big plus in getting funded. It’s all a matter of getting somebody high up enough the food chain at Kickstarter to tag your campaign as Project We Love and there may be a formula for that, but I don’t know what it is. Having a video is a plus and throwing humor into the video usually doesn’t hurt. They included some very strange rewards (don’t believe me, check it out yourself).

They also include some “normal” rewards in between the less normal rewards. Pledge at $5 or higher to get a digital copy of the album. $20 or higher pledge gets you a signed CD of the album.

I will say if it gets funded, that could be a sign that your off-the-wall campaign may have a chance. As I have said before, I have seen campaigns get funded that surprised me and I have seen campaigns not get funded that I thought would be.

Kickstarter is an all or nothing crowdfunding site. If your campaign misses the mark by the smallest fraction of its campaign goal, you don’t get any of the funding. Some other crowdfunding sites have a minimum amount ($100 for one I know of) that you have to get funded at, but as long as you meet the minimum pledge amount, you get whatever funding you get pledged, minus the various fees charged by the website. Some crowdfunding sites offer both options – you choose when you set up your campaign.

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