The untold story of the alleged 1973 Mississippi alien abduction – YouTube Video

Originally started in late May 2019, but decided to wait until the anniversary of the alleged incident to post.

In a For What It’s Worth (FWIW) disclaimer, the lie detector test(s) one (or both, there seems to be disagreement by various sources as to if there were one or two tests and if both men were polygraphed) “passed” were given by an inexperienced examiner in one case. Attempts to get the two men to be polygraphed by a more experienced examiner were declined. Also, numerous others in the area did not notice anything unusual, including nearby people who should have seen something. See my link to MUFON below which includes references to security cameras not catching any evidence. There have been a few people come forward recently who claim to have seen the same thing.

Also, my recollection of the event had numerous people who knew the men claim they were known to lie or exaggerate on a regular basis. A lie detector test would be meaningless against those individuals or somebody who believes what they are saying. For example, a person who thought they were being hounded by the federal government would easily pass a lie detector test even if the federal government wasn’t investigating them. It didn’t help that the men’s stories changed significantly in the months and years after the alleged incident. One of them claimed to have passed out

From the various evidence, reports, and other research obtained since October 1973, I seriously doubt they were abducted by aliens. A

The untold story of the alleged 1973 Mississippi alien abduction (about 6:47 minutes long).


Sun Herald October2018 newspaper article:

Local TV station January 2019 update:

MUFON (Mutual UFO Network):—1973.html


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