Alnwick Poison Gardens – These Plants Can Kill You – Weirdness Wednesdays July 3, 2019

I was strolling through Atlas Obscura earlier today and found a strange entry that I thought qualified for Weirdness Wednesdays – Alnwick Poison Gardens – These Plants Can Kill You – Weirdness Wednesdays July 3, 2019: Some of the plants can kill you by sniffing them, or at a minimum knock you out.

A few years back I was at the Sedgwick County Zoo – and I saw a warning in one of the exhibits that said don’t touch the plants as some are poisonous.

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Free tickets for those assisting someone who requires care while they visit. Tickets can be collected on arrival from either admissions or the hub

Validate your Alnwick Castle tickets in visitor admissions for unlimited free visits during opening hours for 12 months. For 12 months admission to The Alnwick Garden CLICK HERE to find out more about becoming a Friend of The Alnwick Garden.

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Pinterest: Alnwick Poison Garden (may have to dig through a lot of images)

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