The Genealogy Blog Party: My Recipe for Success — My Descendant’s Ancestors

Have you solved a difficult genealogy problem or smashed down a research brick wall? Inquiring minds want your Recipe for Success! This month, the Genealogy Blog Party is all about solving genealogical problems, big and small. Tell us WHAT your problem was, HOW you did it, WHICH tools you used, and any other details that will help your readers learn. To join the linkup, add your posts by midnight PT on 31 July 2019.

via The Genealogy Blog Party: My Recipe for Success — My Descendant’s Ancestors.

Interesting post. I may add the below once I read through the Rules and Etiquette sections to make sure I don’t violate them. If you are into genealogy, definitely a post and party worth checking out.

To answer the question, I helped a person prove their father was indeed their father. It was a comment made by the mother that the father wasn’t the father that had the father wondering if he was indeed the father. Both parents are dead and none of the siblings would DNA test for various reasons. I knew asking them would be pointless and thought this would be a case of the individual going to their grave without an answer. A niece DNA tested out of curiosity for ethnicity. She matched at the range a full niece would match. Maybe the niece’s parent will test as their reason for not testing was a sense of not wanting to open a can of worms if it turned out the father wasn’t the father.

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