Bloggers, Vloggers, Authors / Writers – Do You Use Easter Eggs?

This question is for Bloggers, Vloggers, Authors / Writers – Do You Use Easter Eggs? It also applies to app developers, programmers, game designers, and any others who do any sort of writing, videos, or coding. I include some examples from the Civilization III PC game from one of the fansites.

What’s an Easter Egg in this context?* or

*A hidden item placed in a movie, television show, or otherwise visual media for close watchers.

I would point out it doesn’t have to be only visual media as some authors add Easter eggs in their books and some programmers add Easter eggs in their software. They are common in video games / apps as well as showing up in comic books. Often, the Easter eggs may not be noticeable if you aren’t aware of the reference. For example, the Wikipedia link includes some examples where programmers were getting back as somebody, usually in management for a real or imagined slight. In video games, it’s often the only way to get past a point in the game.

Here are some examples from Civilization III, a PC video game – of the Easter eggs only appear in one or both of the expansions.

In movies, it may simply a director making a cameo. In Lord of the Rings –, Peter Jackson appears in cameos although you may only see some of the cameos in the Extended Release versions.

For example, there are a few intentional Easter eggs in my blog. These are more for my benefit to help me quickly find a specific post. For many of these, you would be hard-pressed to find them unless you knew what they were and where I placed them. There are probably some unintentional Easter eggs that will show up in my blog; I could even see a case of where somebody thinks it’s an Easter egg when it really isn’t. One way I hide Easter eggs that are meant for my benefit is to use the text color white to hide the Easter egg. That works great at hiding them if your screen (PC, laptop, tablet, phone, etc.) is set to a white background. If your screen is set to a non-white background, you may wonder why I randomly threw out a word in a post.

There is a difference between an Easter egg and a blooper (What’s a blooper?). You can also have bloopers that are Easter eggs, intentional or not. I would disagree with a blooper only being limited to video or video/audio. There are plenty of times when a book includes a blooper that is caught by a reader. Usually it’s a case of something appearing before it was invented. In other cases, it’s the use of a word or phrase that came along much later than the time setting of the book.

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