SubTerra Castle Missile Silo, Keene, Kansas – Kansas Tuesdays June 25, 2019

Please do NOT go investigating any of these sites without permission from the owners. I realize there are a number of YouTube videos out there where individuals have done so; best to look at those videos if you feel the need to see the condition of a particular location.

I got the thought for this week’s Kansas Tuesdays – SubTerra Castle Missile Silo, Keene, Kansas  from North Carolina Thursdays – Hartleyhenge, Chapel Hill – North Carolina Thursdays June 13, 2019. There is a fire pit that has what looks like a miniature Stonehenge around it.

I am familiar with this site as I have done a lot of research on old missile silos. Over the years, Kansas was home to a number of missile silos: Atlas E (around Forbes AFB, Topeka), Atlas F (near Schilling AFB, Salina), and Titan II (around McConnell AFB, Wichita – imploded when they were shut down due to treaty terms; Atlas E and F silos were not imploded). You can view them online through several different websites and if you use the GPS coordinates, you can find them. Be warned, they are all private property and their owners often don’t like trespassers. In at least one case, a trespasser was shot and killed at a different missile silo years ago. In addition, they can be dangerous to investigate as there can be any number of problems (rusted ladders, deep open areas, etc.). While I may never get to own an old missile silo, it’s on my Bucket List.

I have previously mentioned a Titan II missile silo in Arkansas – Death Wears Bunny Slippers YouTube Channel And Links for Old Missile Silos. He is digging up an old Titan II silo and Command Center in Arkansas. It took him a lot of time, trouble, and effort to get approval to do so. Probably a lot of money as well. That’s not including the money and time spent digging out the old facility which was imploded. He has yet to breach the silo which will take a lot of work and money to dig out.

Official Website: This is also his website for selling other ex-military properties: or

Items currently listed for sale:

  • Survival Capsule
  • Atlas E, Keene, Kansas (Subterra Castle)
  • Atlas F, Central Kansas (several possibilities)
  • Nike Northern Maine
  • Sprint Missile Site
  • Communications Bunker (Concordia, Kansas)
  • Communications Bunker (Russell, Kansas)

NOTE: This, and the other missile silos, communications bunkers, etc. are private property, but if you contact Ed Peden, he may be open to showing the missile silo and surrounding grounds. He is trying to sell it, asking $3.2 million USD if you are interested. They have spent many years fixing it up. According to several newspaper articles (links below), you can rent it as an Airbnb – don’t know the price for renting it.

It’s an Atlas Missile Silo | Atlas E Complexes: (often called a coffin design as the missile laid flat until it was ready to launch).

It was one of nine (9) such Atlas E missile silos in Kansas: the others can be found at (town designations may vary from nearest town),

Site 1 – Rock Creek, Kansas

Site 2 – Worden, Kansas

Site 3 – Waverly, Kansas

Site 4 – Burlingame, Kansas

Site 5 – Bushong, Kansas

Site 6 – Dover, Kansas (Subterra Castle)

Site 7 – Wamego, Kansas (was an illegal LSD lab for a while)

Site 8 – Delia, Kansas

Site 9 – Holton, Kansas (part of a school district now)

Another website: Look for Forbes Air Force Base (around 1/3 of the page down): – Subterra is listed as near Eskridge in this link

Yet another website, – see (Forbes Air Force Base is near the bottom of the page; they do mix Forbes and Schilling Air Force Bases together)

A regular visitor to several old missile and other military sites: He only photographs from a distance if he doesn’t have permission to enter the property!

Airbnb: appears to be a different missile silo, Atlas F, although newspaper articles indicate it’s supposed to be the Eskridge / Keene Atlas E.

Atlas Obscura: No listing located for Ed’s Atlas E; Wamego Atlas E:

Big Kansas Road Trip: No listing located

Facebook (website, search, or blog page): (search)

Flickr: No listing located

Four States Homepage: No listing located

Get Rural Kansas: No listing located

 Google Maps: Google Maps Subterra Castle, Kansas

Instagram: Including photos of where the term castle sort of fits

Kansas Historical Society: No listing located

Kansas Living Magazine: No listing located No listing located

Kansas Transportation: No listing located No listing located

Legends of America: No listing located

Newspaper / Media links:

Only In Your State: numerous links –

Pinterest: Subterra Castle (search) (numerous images)

Roadside America:

Road Trippers:

Silly America: no listing located, but very few Kansas listings to begin with

Travel Kansas: No listing located

Trip Advisor:

Tumblr: No listing located

Twitch channel or search: No listing located

Twitter: (have to dig through a lot of irrelevant tweets)

Vimeo channel or search: No listing located

Western Vista Historic Byways: No listing located

Wikipedia: not listed on

Yelp: No listing located

YouTube channel or search: (search)

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