Subscription services make life easier, but costs can add up — Mississippi Business Journal

Sure it’s nice to have your groceries delivered now and then. Ditto dinner. Want to stream your favorite movies? Why not. Curated clothes and books sent to your home? 47 more words

via Subscription services make life easier, but costs can add up — Mississippi Business Journal.

This is something that companies don’t consider when they offer such subscription services. A great example is the bad decision by CBS to start offering subscriptions to some of its Star Trek series. It’s the to point now where I will never pay CBS for monthly subscriptions for anything as they are milking a gravy train to the point where they will kill the cash cow of Star Trek. Between the various cable, satellite, and numerous online sites like Netflix, YouTube (paid version),Amazon, Hulu, etc., it’s to the point where if you subscribed to every subscription, you would easily surpass a good mortgage or rent payment. It’s bad enough that some of the companies are restricting their stuff to only one, possibly two, outlets.

I gave up cable back in December 2014 because I got tired of them regularly increasing my rate far in excess of inflation. Next, I unplugged the TV as I didn’t need it being an energy vampire (Slay the energy vampires – note these are appliance energy vampires! not the human kind, see next link for how to deal with those). I had to narrow my search as “energy vampires” gave me way too much of, and nothing of the appliance energy vampires articles I wanted.

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