Things my professor never told me about Wikipedia — Wikimedia Blog

In defense of the site you’re not supposed to cite…. Read more

via Things my professor never told me about Wikipedia — Wikimedia Blog. I found this post as a suggested post from another blog I was reading. For me, the biggest part of the article is this quote (I bolded the important point):

Have you ever had to defend Wikipedia to a professor (or a parent or friend)? This collection of published studies and reports may help make the case for a more enlightened (but still critical) use of the world’s most popular reference website. Wikipedia is a uniquely comprehensive, freely accessible, regularly reliable, well-referenced starting point for further research — so use it wisely.

From the starting point link ( in the quote,

Caution is advised when using Wikipedia as a source. In many academic institutions, references to Wikipedia, along with most encyclopedias, are unacceptable for research papers. See also Reliability of Wikipedia. This does not mean that Wikipedia material should be used without citation: plagiarism of Wikipedia material is also academically unacceptable.

Unfortunately, Wikipedia appears to ignore or lightly cover the fact that some inaccurate articles were on the site for years. That’s not counting the numerous articles that haven’t been caught that have errors.

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