My Full mtDNA Results

In re-blogging The Legal Genealogist’s post earlier –, I decided to do a separate post on my full mtDNA results.

Cite/link to this post: Judy G. Russell, “Why chase that mtDNA,” The Legal Genealogist ( : posted 23 June 2019).

Out of my immediate family, including two nieces (sister’s daughters) and as far as three or four first cousins (mtDNA matches as we shared the same matrilineal connection) and three first cousins once removed (not mtDNA matches as their father was my maternal grandmother’s sibling), I am the only who has done a full mtDNA test. I purchased it during FamilyTree DNA’s (FTDNA) DNA Day Sale 2013 as part of a Y-67, FamilyFinder (autosomal DNA) combination. I found it useful as I know very little about my matrilineal (mother’s mother’s mother’s …) line. Some have tested with 23andMe which gives a basic mtDNA haplogroup (females and males) and basic Y-DNA haplogroup for males.

My mtDNA haplogroup is C1b on FTDNA. For some reason, it’s listed as C1b2 on 23andMe. I submitted my full mtDNA to an mtDNA expert and he wasn’t sure how 23andMe came up with C1b2. For the ones that tested with 23andMe who are mtDNA matches, the range varies from C1 to C1b for the several who tested at 23andMe. None of them show as C1b2.

It would be interesting to see those handful of people do a full mtDNA at FTDNA and compare exactly what they get for their results. That would include extra markers that are not part of the C1b2 chain as well as any missing markers that should be for C1b2. I would also like to see others in the mtDNA line get a full mtDNA test who haven’t done any DNA testing yet.





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