Should You Rely On Your Gut? Maybe, Maybe Not – Forgiveness Sundays June 9, 2019

Many of us, including me sometimes, rely on our gut instinct too much. However, I also pray and trust prayer over my gut as too often when I rely on my gut and ignore prayer, it turns out to be an unwise choice. I saw this article – on Monday, May 27, 2019, where a woman relied on her gut and it almost killed her. This may seem a strange choice for a forgiveness themed post, but that’s what came to  mind when I was deciding where to fit it into my posting schedule.

My pastor made a comment recently about how many people pray with the attitude “I am going to do it anyway” regardless which makes prayer useless in most of those cases. In three (3) cases, I prayed about moving out of state. Had I listened to the Lord’s response in the first two (2) cases, which was not to move, I would have been better off. The first move cost me a marriage and the second a good paying job. In the last instance, back in 2011, I had some extra money and prayed about moving out of state. I didn’t simply do one prayer and wait 10 minutes; I spent several months praying and the response I got was not to move. This time I listened, and I think it was for the best.


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