Resources for FamilySearch Affiliate Libraries June 7, 2019

Somehow I missed this one, but it was posted around the same time as Frequently Asked Questions: FamilySearch Affiliate Libraries June 2019.

Reference librarians like to stay in the know so they can effectively answer their patrons’ questions. However, sometimes family history patrons have particularly challenging queries, and you may feel that you need 100 genealogy research specialists on your quick-dial or in your reference network to help them successfully.

That’s where FamilySearch can help. FamilySearch provides a variety of tools to help you and your library’s genealogy patrons navigate even the most daunting family history questions. Learn more about these resources below.

FamilySearch Wiki


The FamilySearch Wiki currently has over 80,000 articles and is maintained by the FamilySearch Fmily History Library’s staff of research specialists and hundreds of professional researchers in the online community.

FamilySearch Catalog


FamilySearch has the largest repository of global genealogical records. Some of the best of these resources are located in the FamilySearch catalog.

FamilySearch’s catalog provides access to literally billions of genealogical materials (digital images, books, indexed collections, and other publications), and every year over 300 million images of historical records worldwide are published in the catalog, just waiting to help individuals break through their family history brick walls.

FamilySearch Genealogy Research Groups


The FamilySearch Genealogy Research Groups on Facebook give your patrons access to a community of experienced volunteers who can help answer difficult reference questions.

Each community or group is made up of online volunteers with interest and experience in family research for a geographic region. You can direct your patrons to this resource or use it yourself to ask reference questions or receive help interpreting a genealogy document in another language.

Family History Library Webinar Archives

Hundreds of thousands of people travel yearly to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, to research their family trees. The Family History Library staff conducts free weekly classes onsite and online throughout the year to help teach individuals how to discover their ancestors. The classes address popular how-to topics and geographically centered research.

Check out current and archived Family History Library classes and webinars.


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