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Thank you to FindMyPast’s Niall Cullen for this article – 12 Incredible D-Day Stories – FindMyPast: https://blog.findmypast.com/12-incredible-d-day-stories-2638713161.html.

What really happened during the Normandy landings, as told by the men who were there

D-Day took place on Tuesday 6 June 1944. The ambitious military operation saw Allied troops invade German-occupied Normandy in France, and is generally seen as one of the key turning points of the Second World War, eventually leading to Allied victory.

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75 years on, using a combination of family stories from the Findmypast Community and original clippings from our newspaper archives, we’ve unearthed 12 real-life D-Day accounts that paint a vivid picture of what took place on that fateful day. These are the remarkable tales of the people who were on the Normandy beaches and survived to share their stories.

In Good Company


Summing Up the Hun

Staffordshire Advertiser, 5 August 1944 Read the full article

“The Water was Red with Blood”


YouTube link in case there is an issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jtsi9HO2nk

Rescue Below Deck


No Casualties…Yet


Manchester Evening News, 21 June 1944 Read the full article

Parachutes and Preparations


The Scene From the Ships


Wiltshire Times and Trowbridge Advertiser, 1 July 1944 Read the full article

From Normandy to Norway


Fire Beyond the Beach


“The Most Frightening Experience of My Life”

–snip–Newcastle Evening Chronicle, 23 May 1994 Read the full article

Honouring Survivors


The First Glider

–snip–Shields Daily News, 31 July 1944 Read the full article


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