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I’m working on an article about the mental health benefits of blogging. While that may seem obvious to us, how often do you hear mental health professionals suggesting it as a therapeutic tool? I’d like to get a sense from my fellow bloggers how blogging contributes to your own mental health. You can let me […]

via How does blogging help mental health? — Mental Health @ Home.

I have never had a therapist or other mental health professional suggest blogging as an outlet, but had numerous therapists suggest keeping a journal. In a sense, I see blogging as keeping a journal.

I strive to post 8 – 9 times/day and often can get enough scheduled posts to be 2 days ahead. I have a set schedule of times when I post, barring something unforeseen coming up that I think needs to post outside those times; and occasions where I go above 9 posts/day.

The days I only do 8 posts I skip the 5:05 P. M. Central Time post and that’s usually due to a time constraint as my home Internet is my cell phone and posting with my phone is something I do my best to avoid except when I can’t get out because of weather – down side of being limited to riding my bike as I can’t afford to fix my car. Right now, I am using a fast food location that restricts access to YouTube in an odd way; about 3/4 of the time I can’t access YouTube, but the other 1/4 I can.

I digress and started meandering in my response. I find that taking the time to blog, even the scheduled ones helps keep me with a schedule and occupies a lot of time as I do research for the posts. Granted, some times I do a lot more re-blogs than I like, but my goal is to keep the 8 – 9 posts/day going. I also have 1 – 2 themes for each day of the week. With the themes, I tend to do at least one, possibly two, posts for each theme. That’s on top of the 2 re-blogs or shares/day and 1 video share/day.

The other thing about scheduling is I sometimes spend a lot of time rescheduling as I find items, usually genealogy / DNA related, that I think need to be posted sooner than later.



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