Pronounce This: Kansas Names – YouTube Video

A while back, I did links to YouTube videos on pronouncing Mississippi – We try To Pronounce Mississippi Town Names – YouTube Video and North Carolina – We Try to Pronounce North Carolina Town Names – YouTube Videos town names. I planned on adding a Kansas one, but forgot about it until yesterday. I had not heard of some of these towns before seeing the list.

Have fun – Pronounce This: Kansas Names: (around 4:29 minutes long).

Osawatomie has at least two Kansas pronounciations – those who live there and those who live in other parts of Kansas, but have never visited the town. I found this out after working for a mental health agency that took almost weekly trips to pick up people from Osawatomie State Hospital. Those who took the trips corrected me as I was pronouncing it the way other Wichitans pronounced it, including most of my fellow co-workers who had never been to the town.

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