Ask a Mortician- Home Death & Wake For Your Pet – YouTube Video Tombstone Tuesdays May 14, 2019

I follow this vlogger, Ask a Mortician, as she comes up with some interesting topics. Here’s one that you may not have thought about, but if you have pet(s), it may be worth thinking about – Ask a Mortician- Home Death & Wake For Your Pet: (around 6:09 minutes long). She can be a bit morbid at times and some of the videos definitely fall into Not Suitable for Work (NSFW) and PG-rated – language (occasional mild profanity; tends to be rare in the various videos that I watched).

There is a pet cemetery in the next county that I pass sometimes when I am headed that way. Find-A-Grave allows you to add pet graves to their website. Other graving sites may or may not allow adding them, and if there’s a headstone, it’s more likely to be allowed.

As many pets that were a part of our family, I could easily add dozens, possibly close to 100 if I could remember all of the names and locations of where we buried them. Typically, the burials were on property where we lived at the time

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