ChangeDetection Migrated to VisualPing

I had ChangeDetection account for a long-time; they mentioned it would be migrating to VisualPing at some point – Got the e-mail notice yesterday that they finally migrated my account:

I originally posted this change was coming back in December 2017 – Change Detection Has Changed. I haven’t received a ChangeDetection e-mail in a while; January 2019 with a note I missed in February 2019 when they asked me to migrate to VisualPing.

Personally, I am not a fan of this change. While you can get 62 free notices/month, that’s a far cry from the much higher limits offered for free by ChangeDetection. There were other changes they made to the old website after it became part of VisualPing that made it less attractive.

Here are the personal plan pricing – Corporate plans start at $120/month –

For paid access, you can pay monthly or yearly. Yearly includes 2 months free so multiple the rates below by 10 – $40, $130, $240, or $580.
Free – 2 checks/day or 62 checks/month
$4/month – 10 checks/day or 313 checks/month
$13/month – 40 checks/day or 1,200 checks/month
$24/month – 130 checks/day or 4,000 checks/month
$58/month – 333 checks/day or 10,000 checks/month

If anybody knows of a different website that offers a better free rate than VisualPing, please let me know. I probably went through 2 – 3 times notices as many as the new free rate allows. It looks like it made all of my old watched items inactive. I will set several new ones where I can at least maximize the free 1,000 credits (looks to be 150 notices from the e-mail I saw).

After trying several different things and having them fail miserably, I will probably drop this site. They made it a lot harder to do things than ChangeDetection.

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1 Response to ChangeDetection Migrated to VisualPing

  1. Hello, thank you for the post but, here at Visualping, we feel it is incomplete. They are certainly issues in getting used to a new system but we feel that there are features which makes this an upgrade. Please check our information page below or contact us at for any support needs during the transition.

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