Fox and Friends’ Jedediah Bila’s Family History Revealed – MyHeritage

I saw this earlier today on MyHeritage‘s blog – Fox and Friends’ Jedediah Bila’s Family History Revealed:

ack in February, Yvette Corporon visited Fox and Friends where she revealed to Griff Jenkins his MyHeritage DNA results live on air.

Yvette returned to the set of Fox and Friends to provide their new co-host, Jedediah Bila, with her ethnic breakdown and some interesting tidbits from her colorful family history.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Jedediah was always cognizant of her Italian and Sicilian ancestry. All of her great-grandparents came from Italy and resided in Naples and Sicily before moving to the United States. Most of them eventually settled in Brooklyn. She always wondered if there were other pieces of her family’s past that she didn’t know about.

Watch the video here

Ethnicity Estimate

In addition to her strong South European origins (69.4%), Jedediah has strong roots in West Asia (19.1%), North Africa (6% ) and the Middle East (4.7%). It’s very common for people from Southern Italy to also have Asian, North African, and Middle Eastern roots, as they are descended from the same groups of migrating tribes. This ethnic diversity is representative of historical migration patterns in the region and the people who settled in the area.


DNA Matches

Jedediah has over 150 DNA Matches from across the U.S. and Europe, including some very high matches with first and second cousins!


A lot more information available in the initial link above.

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