World’s Largest Killer Bee Statue – Weirdness Wednesdays May 1, 2019

In poking around Atlas Obscura for weird stuff today after I posted the earlier Weirdness Wednesdays post this morning, I found ‘World’s Largest Killer Bee’: PUN ALERT in quote!

Hidalgo was the only place that honored their arrival with a bit of fanfare. Rather than shy away from the sting of all the bad press, the city’s mayor decided to celebrate its connection with the dreaded insects. The city became known as the “killer bee capital of the world” and the Hidalgo Economic Development Department spent $20,000 to erect a 2,000-pound, lifelike statue of a massive Africanized honey bee. The city even sells posters and postcards that feature the feared bug.

Address on Roadside America is for City Hall: 704 Ramon Ayala Drive, but the Killer Bee is on a different street, north of City Hall: 600 Old Military Road, Hidalgo, TX 78557. Google Maps link below is to the Killer Bee.

Official website (bit of a stretch, but closest I could find since it’s near the City Hall):

Facebook (website, search, or blog page): search for Largest Catsup Bottle (Facebook search)

Flickr: (have to look around as some aren’t related to the statue)

Google Maps: Google Maps Location (Street View available)


Only In Your State: (#4)

Pinterest: (may have to hunt around)

Roadside America:

Trip Advisor:

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