My Thoughts on My Last Post

In my last post – One Mindset Shift that will Skyrocket your Career and Life — ResilientShe Coaching, I re-blogged
It struck a chord with me. I thought about adding my thoughts in my last post, but didn’t want to dilute the point made in the original post.

I recently started working on a failure post that was going nowhere fast, still is. However, the point made about failure is a valid one. While success often breeds more success, failure can easily spur us to look at new ways to achieve success. For example, this month was a bunch of firsts for my blog and I will probably post about them in a day or two.

A good example of a recent failure for me was the debate, in my mind, on whether or not to go for hitting my 2,000th post this month. I didn’t think about it until a day or two ago, and I was at around 1,950 posts when the thought came to my mind. I could have achieved the goal in the 50ish hours remaining in April, but I would have been so exhausted from posting that I decided to forgo it. In that sense, I failed, but in its own way, it was a success.

One thing that parents shouldn’t do is to go out of their way to prevent their children from failing. You can never fully appreciate success if you never fail. Plus, your children will be ill-prepared for failure when it happens  and failure will happen. Failure makes you appreciate success in ways that aren’t possible if you rarely or never fail.

My parents knew that failure was an important of the growing up process and allowed us to do things where we could, and sometimes did, fail. However, there were times when we succeeded.

My original blog that was lost to an update issue taught me the value of making regular back-ups. If I hadn’t make a back-up a few days before the update that made my blog unviewable, then I would have lost two (2) years of posts. Back around 2001, I lost a fair amount of stuff on my computer because I hadn’t backed it up for several weeks and I had a motherboard failure that wiped most of the hard drive contents. I don’t back up as often as I should, but most of the things I save to my computer these days are available online.

One of the bloggers I read makes a monthly post reminding readers to back-up. One of these days, I may start a similar reminder post about backing up.

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