Tomorrow’s Two Ripper Posts

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Updated to include links to both Ripper posts.

Tomorrow I will be posting two Ripper posts Jill the Ripper — Longreads and Who was Jack the Ripper? — Epistle of Dude. Both have a DNA connection although the conclusions drawn by many experts in the second post reveal a good reason people need to question DNA in certain instances. I will add in links to both posts here once they go live.

I am not a Jack / Jill the Ripper conspiracy theorist. I have seen enough evidence to make a valid case for the Ripper to be a woman or a man. The fact the Ripper preyed on prostitutes means you can’t rule in or out any DNA evidence on the bodies as being from the Ripper as at least one suspected Ripper suspect was known to visit prostitutes. That’s not counting the possibility of DNA transfer and/or contamination that happens a lot more often than most law enforcement, prosecutors, and DNA experts care to admit. I posted a link to an article – DNA evidence and miscarriages of justice – ScienceDirect.

I suspect I would probably never be allowed on a jury due to what I know about DNA if DNA was being used by the prosecutor or defense attorney. Which is a shame as I am more knowledgeable about DNA than most prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges that I have read about.

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