Congratulations to Kristie Sita for Hitting 100,000 YouTube Subscribers

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I didn’t realize there was a special award a vlogger gets for hitting 100,000 YouTube subscribers until I saw the video posted by Kristie Sita – Amputee Does 100K Subscriber Play Button Unboxing (about 6:53 minutes long).

In a quick check on YouTube, there appear to be a number of awards given out if you reach certain levels of subscribers –

This link mentions 100K, 1 million, and 10 million subscriber awards: No mention of 10,000 subscriber award although several YouTube vloggers have videos showing they received it.

There are three levels of Creator Awards based on the following subscriber milestones:

  • Silver – when you reach 100,000 subscribers
  • Gold – when you reach 1,000,000 subscribers
  • Diamond – when you reach 10,000,000 subscribers

In addition to the above subscriber threshold requirements, Creator Awards are given at YouTube’s discretion. We only recognize creators who follow our guidelines, and each channel is reviewed before an award can be issued.

That means we reward creators who keep their accounts in good standing without copyright strikes or violations of YouTube’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. You’ll need to resolve any such issues to be considered for a Creator Award.

Additionally, Creator Awards are meant to recognize those that bring original content to YouTube. For this reason, channels that focus on compilations, mixes, curation, or heavy use of third-party copyrighted content or characters may not be eligible for Creator Awards. Learn more about copyright on YouTube.



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