Newly discovered DNA quirk could reveal mysteries of Newfoundland’s first settlers

I found this article last week – Newly discovered DNA quirk could reveal mysteries of Newfoundland’s first settlers:

It has appeared in about 10 per cent of the 264 people across the province who have supplied mitochondrial DNA for the online project

I believe David Pike in the article is the same as the creator of David Pike Tools: David Pike’s Tools Tools for analysis of raw DNA data.

In many cases mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), it is often considered not very genealogical relevant. I think this is slowly changing

Back in mid-2013, I ordered a full mtDNA test from FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) – C1b mtDNA haplogroup. I also tested with 23andMe which gave me a slightly different mtDNA haplogroup (C1b2). I submitted the full mtDNA result to an expert in mtDNA and he is not sure why 23andMe came up with their result as he didn’t think it made sense based on my FTDNA results.

For those not familiar with haplogroups –, there are two types – Y-DNA and mtDNA. For males, we inherit a Y-DNA haplogroup from our fathers. Both males and females inherit mtDNA haplogroup from their mothers, but it’s only passes down to the next generation through daughters. For example, my daughter has her mother’s mtDNA haplogroup..My sister has the same mtDNA haplogroup as me. She passed it onto her two daughters who passed it on their children (3 girls, 1 boy). The girls will pass it onto any children they have, but the boy won’t..

My oldest niece (sister’s daughter) tested with 23andMe and her mtDNA haplogroup is C1 compared to my C1b2 with the same company. C1 is higher up the chain than C1b2. She also tested with a newer chip (v5 vs. my v3) than my test results.

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