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Gaming Sunday April 21, 2019

 AS ALWAYS, CHECK PRICES BEFORE ORDERING as sales can end or change before I update them. Also, some sales only have so many items or keys available for purchase so the sale ends as soon as they run out of … Continue reading

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Do The Hard Stuff — David’s Way to Health and Fitness

Many years ago my Grandmother and I were discussing a family member who was destroying herself with bad health practices. My Grandmother said, “Oh, she’s never going to do right. She’s not going to be uncomfortable. She won’t do anything … Continue reading

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Have Family Member Or Friend Struggling With Mental Health Issues?

I saw this on Firefox when I re-started my browser: https://lifehacker.com/how-to-talk-to-a-friend-struggling-with-their-mental-he-1832234589. Posting for a friend who is struggling. If you would keep her in your thoughts and prayers, I would appreciate it. She’s a very private person or I would … Continue reading

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In Support of Another Blogger

I won’t mention the blogger by name or blog URL. A comment on social media challenged the blogger to include a company in a post to avoid appearing biased. The blogger‘s response was something to the effect they didn’t support … Continue reading

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Judge Spends Night in Jail Voluntarily – YouTube Video

I had seen a different YouTube video about this judge and why he chose to voluntarily spend a night in jail – Judge spends night in jail with man he sentenced: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V30hcLSRz5M&t= (around 3:07 minutes long).

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What One Legal and Ethical Thing Can You Do Today to Make the World a Better Place?

I decided to add legal and ethical to the question in case somebody thinks doing something illegal or unethical would make the world a better place. It doesn’t have to be big or world changing. It can be something as … Continue reading

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An Ultimate guide for New WordPress Bloggers – Part 1 — Journey of life Continues

If you are a new blogger on the wordpress site , then this post is for you. When I joined an year back , I have found this platform to be the best , easy to understand even if you … Continue reading

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