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It’s Not Your Job to Keep Other People’s Secrets and Lies*

Standard Legal and Medical Disclaimers: I am not a medical health professional and any comments I post are not intended, nor should they be construed, as medical advice. If you believe you are experiencing a medical emergency, dial 911 (where … Continue reading

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FamilyTree DNA Sale Ends April 25, 2019

Updated April 19, 2019 to add photo below. When I checked FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) https://www.familytreedna.com/#/productCards for prices just now, they have finally started their DNA Day Sale, ends April 25, 2019. I checked after seeing the sale and noticed they sent … Continue reading

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20 Lessons I’ve Learned by (almost) 20 – Miscellaneously Mikael

Via 20 Lessons I’ve Learned by (almost) 20.

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Suggestion to WordPress on Another Option for Comments

This post grew out of https://upsdownsfamilyhistory.wordpress.com/2019/04/18/one-bloggers-comments-requirements. As much as I wish there was another option for WordPress comments, I have decided to go with comments requiring me to approve them. This works well most of the time. Recently it didn’t … Continue reading

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One Blogger’s Comments Requirements

I noticed one blogger https://robertbowman.net/commenting-on-this-site/ who has a detailed explanation about what’s allowed/not allowed when it comes to commenting on his blog. I am sure some consider his restrictions to be over the top. In my experience, a blogger adds restrictions … Continue reading

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We Try to Pronounce North Carolina Town Names – YouTube Videos

I previously posted about We try To Pronounce Mississippi Town Names – YouTube Video and guess what shows up in YouTube feed last night? We Try to Pronounce North Carolina Town Names: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HB3ZeUwolG8 (around 5:24 minutes long).  

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New Hampshire Launches Online Database for 16,000+ Historical Records

Here’s a deal, $60/month or $400/year, for those trying to trace New Hampshire ancestors. N.H. Launches Online Database for More Than 16,000 Historical Records ” https://www.nhpr.org/post/nh-launches-online-database-more-16000-historical-records#stream/ State officials launched an online database Tuesday that gives users access to more than … Continue reading

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Man Who Put Chapter Breaks in the Bible – North Carolina Thursdays April 18, 2019

Today’s North Carolina Thursdays for April 18, 2019 is a statue of Stephen Langton – Man Who Put Chapter Breaks in the Bible: https://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/39732. You can read about Stephen Langton – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Langton. You can read about the University of North Carolina – … Continue reading

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How to Approach Easter Intentionally —

Easter isn’t about egg hunts, bunny rabbits or pretty dresses. It’s about so much more. via How to Approach Easter Intentionally — .  

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Doolittle Raid Anniversary April 18, 1942 77th Anniversary

Lest we forget.  In memory of and to honor those 80 men who participated in the Doolittle Raid and those who served on the ships and provided other support for the raid. Out of 80 Doolittle Raiders, some did not … Continue reading

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