World’s Largest Catsup Bottle, Collinsville, Illinois – Weirdness Wednesdays April 17, 2019

Updated May 1, 2019 with new Yelp photo  link I found today.

In researching yesterday’s Kansas Tuesdays post,, I came across what claims to be the World’s Largest Catsup Bottle in Collinsville, Illinois.

A point made by Vroom Car Rental entry (see link under their listing below):

We will prevent further controversy here and now by informing you that YES, it’s the World’s Largest CATSUP Bottle and not KETCHUP Bottle, and that’s because the bottle’s label spells it the old way!

“Ketchup” and “catsup”are simply different spellings for the same thing, a modern, Westernized version of a condiment that originally didn’t even have tomatoes, brought back to Europe by traders in the the late 17th century. Europeans loved it, and called it “catchup”.

Starting in 1711, the sauce was sometimes called “ketchup” in books. Meanwhile, a 1730 Jonathan Swift poem spelled it “catsup”.

An American cook book published in 1801 is actually credited as the first with a recipe that added tomatoes. In the early 19th century, the tomato-based catsup was a Big Hit in the U.S.A.! The H. J. Heinz Company began producing tomato-based ketchup in 1876. They originally referred to their product as “catsup”, but after a few years switched to “ketchup” to stand out. To this day, some manufacturers use one word, while others use the other spelling.

Official website and fan club:

They have held festivals on a yearly basis since 2010 or earlier: and,28804,2006404_2006691_2005790,00.html. According to the Time article:

It’s said this 170-ft.-tall (50 m) water tower could hold up to 640,000 14 oz. bottles of ketchup.

Atlas Obscura:

Facebook (website, search, or blog page): search for Largest Catsup Bottle (Facebook search)

Flickr:; one of the best photos (you will understand why when you see it):

Google Maps: Google Maps Location (Street View available)


Only In Your State: (9 different links, 2 examples below) (#7); (#16);


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