My Unknown Finnish DNA Roots

In general, I ignore DNA ethnicity levels below the continental level (Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, North America, South America, and Antartica). However, at a young age, I have been drawn to Finland. I have no known Finnish connections in my genealogy. If  you look at my Finnish percentages from these two posts: My GEDmatch Admixture Results and Ignore Ethnic Results Below the Continental Level summarized below, I range from 0% Finnish to a high of 33% (combined among other national groups). I figure one day DNA ethnicity percentages at the national level may reach the ability to be a lot more accurate than what is currently available.

In the first link above, there are only two mentions of Finnish:

23andMe 0% Finnish

Eurogenes K12b Admixture Proportions 6.99% Finnish

Moving onto the second link above, there are six (6) references to Finnish:

#3 (23andMe, v3 chip – before the April 2018 update; latest update is January 2019, see below):

Finnish: 0%*

(*Scandinavian 1.5%)

#6 (DNATribes – broken down several ways)

Finnish 11.2%

#9 WeGene (1 of 2):

Finnish/Russian 19.95%

#10 WeGene (2 of 2 – don’t remember which is which, but one was Ancestry transfer and the other was 23andMe)

Finnish/Russian 25.39%

#14 Insitome Regional Ancestry
Finnish 1%
#15 DNAPassport
North Europe 33% (British, Irish, Finnish)
On FamilySearch earlier today, I came across three (3) articles –
Finnish Family History Research: Where to Start:
In 2005, I was able to spend about a week in Helsinki, Finland for a work-related conference. It was a fun trip and I had some free time to visit several places – Suomenlinna Fortress in Helsinki with submarine nearby; the Helsinki Zoo, a harbor tour, seeing a Festival of the Midnight Sun.



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