My True Ancestry DNA Website

I have heard different opinions on this DNA website – I wouldn’t recommend using a password that you use anywhere else as a precaution although I generally recommend the same advice for all websites. I also recommend using a throwaway e-mail account. I have a couple of free e-mail accounts that I keep handy just for such purposes. You can use a password generator like I mention at Password Generators. Some of the concerns raised were valid and others may or may not be valid. Seems the free account is limited in ways that others didn’t mention. Paid upgrade prices included below. It includes free and paid options. I uploaded raw data for myself using the free option.

  Ancient DNA – Real History
  • 5000 years of history at your fingertips – compare yourself to thousands of ancient DNA samples
    from real archaeological sites!
  Powerful Classification
  • Perform DNA breakdowns of 250+ ancient peoples, modern nationalities and ethnicities – far more than any other service out there.
  Simple and Secure
  • Use any file from Ancestry, 23andMe, MyHeritage, LivingDNA, and more.
  • Anonymous and encrypted upload. Your data is wiped immediately after analysis.

(csv, txt, zip, tar.gz) – extensions accepted

Get your personalized ancestral map in just 5 minutes!

Here’s a key detail left out:


Full analysis for 1 kit. Standard European Map.


Full analysis for up to 2 kits. Premium Maps. (Europe+Asia)


Full analysis for up to 5 kits. Archaeological and Premium Maps. (Europe+Asia)


Maximum analysis for up to 10 kits with identifiers of ancient samples and dig sites.
Detailed Archaelogical and Premium Maps. (Europe+Asia)


This add-on enables medical scans on newly uploaded kits. Included with any purchase (requires activation). Info



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