Latest DNA Sale Prices April 12, 2019

FindMyPastDNA joined the DNA Day Sale bandwagon. They use LivingDNA to process the kits.

I updated Current April 2019 DNA Sales with the prices below. I copy/pasted the earlier sale prices from yesterday’s post Latest DNA Sales April 11, 2019 to this post. I am still expecting some sales from AncestryDNA and FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) to show up in the next week or two.

FindMyPastDNA (they use LivingDNA kits – see LivingDNA below): – sale price $65 each as of April 12, 2019 although it’s on sale for $59 on LivingDNALivingDNA kits on Amazon (available on Amazon as of April 12, 2019), – available again on Amazon, sale price $90.00, regular price $99.00 + $4.99 shipping. Added it to Sales Section because they accept free limited transfers from other DNA testing companies.

Geno 2.0 Next – On sale (since August 22, 2018, sale price has changed numerous times since August 2018, with no word on when sale ends) at Helix, National Geographic, GroupOn, and Amazon (price varies a bit between the various links below) $59.99 **+ another $40.00  if you need a Helix DNA kit as of April 12, 2019 if you need a Helix kit for an individual; regular price tends to run $149.95 or $199.95 which includes the Helix DNA kit cost – No word on when this sale price ends. If you order directly from National Geographic (Nat Geo) – $69.95 sale price regular price $99.95* (regular price varies between $149.95 to $199.00 or sometimes $199.95 on Nat Geo website; if the person has previously tested with Helix for any other DNA test, don’t order from Nat Geo as you are paying for a kit that you don’t need). Amazon sale price is $28.49* with free shipping (Amazon price current as of April 12, 2019; tends to go back to around $99.95 on a regular basis when a sale ends) and is cheaper if you need a Helix kit for a person due to free shipping that Amazon offers. Note: U. S. kits are processed by Helix (spit kit) and non-U.S. kits are processed by FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) – cheek swab. Non-U.S. kits are showing an unavailable as of late September 2018 – no word on when they will become available again.

LivingDNA sale price $59 DNA Day Sale; regular price is $99 (price as of April 11, 2019).

MyHeritageDNA – Early Bird Sale: sale price $69 (through April 22, 2019) free shipping if you order 2+ kits in a single order.



Rite Aid: 23andMe KIT ONLY $29.99 (lab fees are $70 or $170 depending on if you want health reports). Having a Holiday Sale. Promo Code available to SAVE 30% off with Promo Code APPRECIATE. Still available as of April 12, 2019, but should be ending soon although they frequently replace it with a different Promo Code.


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