Humblewood Kickstarter Campaign Results April 11, 2019

While the Humblewood Kickstarter – campaign had somewhat modest goals ($20,000 goal). Its backers, including my $10 pledge, went with the “Go Big or Go Home” approach. It hit just over $1 million in pledges from over 14,600 backers

14,604 backers pledged $1,001,085 to help bring this project to life.

The above link has a preorder mailing list – if you missed out.  You can also check out a free PDF copy of the Playtest version of the system at I downloaded it (92.5 MB zipped file; roughly 183+ MB unzipped) and it gives a good feel for what you can expect for the final product.

I wanted to support it at a higher level, but my crowdfunding budget is pretty limited. For the $10 I pledged, I get a PDF of the book plus 14 digital Stretch Goals! Pretty impressive for such a small investment.

There were two areas where I thought the campaign could have done better. First, there was no $1 pledge level. If you are going to do a crowdfunding campaign, it’s best to always offer a $1 pledge level even if the backer gets nothing. It’s amazing at how many people will pledge $1 – 5 who get no reward. Also, it’s up to you, but allowing those who pledge at the $1 level the ability to upgrade their pledge during the pledge manager or pre-order phase is a smart move. Maybe the person didn’t have the extra money to pledge more during the campaign, but they get paid later.

From the various campaigns I have followed, offering this option is a no-brainer although many campaigns make the mistake of going the other way where if you pledge $1, you won’t be able to upgrade during the pledge manager or pre-order phase. I have seen many campaigns that allow $1 pledges to upgrade later rake in substantial extra money from add-ons or people who upgraded during this phase.

Here’s the Kicktraq results: reached 5005% of its campaign goal. Average Pledge Per Backer: $69

Backer by pledge amount (note the pledged amount may be higher than the minimum if backers wanted other things as add-ons):

$10  – 4,291 backers

$20  – 507 backers

$30  – 2,560 backers (first $30 level) + 351 backers (second $30 level)

$50  – 4,125 backers

$100 – 1,766 backers

$300 – 1,766 backers


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