Sub-Sub-Sub Island on Victoria Island, Canada

This island was an unusual find for several reasons: Sub-Sub-Sub Island on Victoria Island – First, it wasn’t discovered until 2007. Next, it’s an “an island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island” (third order island). It’s not the only third order island as there’s a smaller one in the Philippines:

Amazingly, a third order inception is not in itself unique; a third order island is also found inside the crater lake of Taal Volcano Island in the Philippines, for example. But at four acres, the third order island in Canada is much larger than that of the Philippines, and possibly the largest in the world.

For the Philippines third order island,

These two third order islands are probably not the only ones, and the first link makes an interesting point:

It is also quite possible, though, that this island is not the largest third order island in the world after all. The terrain of Victoria Island and nearly half of Canada is freckled with tiny, splotched lakes. This means that there is likely another—perhaps larger—third order island in another part of Canada.

After all, most, if not all, of the Earth has been satellite mapped over the years, but much of the terrain hasn’t been reviewed by human eyes looking for things like third order islands.

Here are the GPS coordinates for both islands:

Canada: Canada’s Third Order Island GPS and Philippines: Vulcan Point Island GPS


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