More Information on Dante Labs 20% Discount and What Data You Get

Here’s the copy/paste from the e-mail they sent me:

ello ,

Today we launched our new Long Reads Whole Genome Sequencing test, 30X coverage, based on Oxford Nanopore technology. For the first time, long reads sequencing technology is available to individuals.

Combined with your existing whole genome sequencing, long reads will give you the best genomic map of your DNA.

A special offer for you

As a valued Dante Labs customer, we are glad to share with you a 20% discount for this new test. Just use the special code LONGREADS at checkout.

What are long reads?

In non-scientific terms, long reads means that the sequencing reads longer parts of your DNA, instead of a single point at the time. This approach allows for the best analysis of large variants in your DNA.

What are the benefits of long reads sequencing?

Long reads sequencing is optimized for the analysis of repeated sequences, copy number variations (CNV) and structural variations (SV), which are associated with an increasing number of diseases, including autism, schizophrenia and cancer.

Where is the test done?

This test will be performed in Dante Labs own sequencing center in L’Aquila, Italy. The center received the Nanopore Certification for DNA sequencing earlier this year.

I have never purchased anything from Dante Labs although if I had the money when they offered the $199 or $299 sales, I would have purchased one or both.

If you click on the above link and want more information, it will take you to

Long reads Whole Genome Sequencing:

  • – Read length: average N50>20,000bp (vs. 150bp of short reads)
  • – Optimized for analysis of repeated sequences, copy number variations and structural variations
  • – Third generation sequencing
  • – First time available, global coverage
  • – Performed at Dante Labs own Oxford Nanopore-certified sequencing center

I am not seeing it in either link, but when I clicked on the first link this morning (1:13 A. M. U. S. Central Time), it had a bit more information.

For example, the first link includes the following:

FASTQ, BAM, VCF files available for download free of charge (VCF files include SNPs, INDELs, CNV and SV)

FASTQ file explanation:

BAM file explanation:

VCF* file explanation:

*Your computer may treat the DNA VCF file as a vCard File: Mine did when I tried opening a DNA VCF file.

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