Kickstarter Quickstarter Requirements

I ran across a Kickstarter Quickstarter campaign – (campaign has ended) not too long ago. It included a list of requirements that Kickstarter has for a campaign to be labelled as a Quickstarter:

What is a Quickstarter?

Quickstarters are a new kind of short and simple campaign that must follow these rules:

Rule #1 – Plan it in three months or less.
Rule #2 – Keep the campaign under 20 days.
Rule #3 – The funding goal should be under $1,000.
Rule #4 – Offer rewards under $50.
Rule #5 – Shoot the video in one day.
Rule #6 – No PR or media outreach (unless contacted).
Rule #7 – No paid ads on social media.
Rule #8 – No stretch goals.
Rule #9 – Include “Quickstarter” in your campaign name.

Here’s another example:

It doesn’t appear that adding the requirements to your Quickstarter is a requirement since several Quickstarter campaigns, like the one above, don’t list the requirements.

This Quickstarter – also lists the requirements. It has ended, but you can order the PDF from the link if it is something you like. I couldn’t remember the name of the Kickstarter I linked at the beginning of the post which is why I included this one. Once I scrolled through enough Quickstarter campaigns, I found the one I put in the opening paragraph.

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