Too Many Unanswered and Unasked Questions About Macin Smith’s Disappearance in 2015 – YouTube Video

I rarely watch this YouTube channel – Explore With Us: Earlier (March 31, 2019), I noticed a poll they put recently It appears that some who should be supporting the video are instead attacking it. If my child was missing, I would support any YouTuber who was talking about my child’s disappearance.

I didn’t even watch this video until today and it was uploaded September 2018. He VANISHES, His Mom Finds A SECRET LETTER Hidden In His Wallet That Leaves Her SHOCKED…: (around 33:43 minutes long).

To me, there are too many unanswered questions and too many unasked questions by law enforcement and others. I don’t know what happened to Macin Smith, but it’s obvious some kind of foul play happened – be it suicide, murder, an accident, or something else.

I am curious as

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