Kickstarter Campaign Doing One Thing Right and Some Major Things Wrong

Updated 3:00 P. M. U. S. Central Time April 4, 2019 – 39 minutes to go. It hit another Stretch Goal, bringing to 22 hit with only 16 more $15+ backers to hit another one. 

This Kickstarter campaigns in about an hour and a half Thursday, April 4 2019 3:39 PM CDT. it looks familiar, that’s because I referenced it recently Steve Jackson Games Teaming Up with Another Gaming Company – Kickstarter. I made a point that both companies were risking backer burnout as they continue to regularly put Kickstarter campaigns out. You can view its history on Kicktraq:

In the case of this campaign, they have done an outstanding job on the one hand of making the digital stretch goals available to all who back at the $15 or higher level (only 33 of the 1,310 backers have backed at levels under $15). Many crowdfunding campaigns don’t make this offer. When I started this post, they had unlocked 21 (really close to unlocking Stretch Goals 22 and 23) Stretch Goals and are close to unlocking at least one more before the campaign ends. Updated: they hit $155,000 pledged unlocking Stretch Goal #22.

On the other hand, they have done some major things wrong. I may miss a few, but starting with the price of the map PDF which is $15, but if you want a print copy, it’s only $5 more. That’s backwards. The PDF copy should be $5 and the print copy should be $15 or $20. The only thing that makes backing it at this level worthwhile is the all the free digital Stretch Goals that are included (20+) . That more than makes up for the high price of the map PDF. They are also offering for at least 3 months free access for

UNLOCKED!! $75,000 — Lost Lands Commercial License and a Community Resource Hub for Backers/Supporters

The Lost Lands are opening up! At $75,000, Frog God Games will set up a license agreement that, at no charge, allows third-party publishers to commercially publish adventures, supplements, fiction and other written material set in the Lost Lands. Frog God Games material older than 18 months is available to expand upon and use as a springboard for your stories and adventures. Rights to third party-created content are retained by the creator and can be sold through any gaming or fiction marketplace determined by the creator. Simple guidelines apply (no indecent material, no harassment or encouragement of harassment of actual persons, no *-cist or *-phobic, no real world intrusions into fantasy games, etc.). Want to create new levels in Rappan Athuk? Go right ahead. Wish to reunite the Sundered Kingdoms? Great. Desire to expand upon otherwise unexplored locations? By all means! Want to go into the past and explore ancient times? Go forth and conquer!

What is more, Frog God Games is currently developing a community hub that will contain resources like reference materials, a published adventure directory and access to almost 2,000 illustrations that have appeared in Frog God Games and Necromancer Games products, all for use by creators. The Hub will be free to backers for at least 3 months and will have a very minimal fee thereafter (only to pay for maintenance and compensate the coordinator behind everything).

Other details will be forthcoming in updates and other channels as they are developed.

No word on how much it will cost once the initial free access ends.

Next, the PDF for the book is $65!!!! That’s way overpriced for a PDF. Most PDF gaming books tend to run no more than $29.95 – 29.99 on the high end and often much less. The problem is simply they are doing too much. A 700 page book that would have been better off broken into smaller books that weren’t priced too high.

If you want a print copy of the book, it runs $105 plus shipping. Given it’s going to be 700 pages or more, hardback, I can’t imagine that shipping in the U. S. will be that cheap. They do warn that shipping outside the U. S. will probably run $80 – 100 USD on top of the $105 for the book. They mention in the Comments section, the book should have been $125. The goal of putting it at $105 was to make it more affordable although at such a price, it’s not affordable to many who would be willing to purchase the game at a more reasonable price point.

The above does not include the additional cost to convert the game from system neutral to 5e (5th Edition D&D), Pathfinder, or Swords and Wizardry for the main book. Each of those conversions and probably the TFT (The Fantasy Trip by Steve Jackson Games) conversion as well run $20/PDF or $40/print copy – roughly $60 minimum for the PDFs ($80 if they add TFT).  They at least offer one of the three PDF conversions free for the Stretch Goal PDFs.

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